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Research for juveniles and their parents - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1532 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Uncategorized Essay Type Essay any type Did you like this example? Research Design Research papers depend on a lot of valid information from studies, surveys and or interviews. This information must be accurate and up to date to substantiate the findings. The sources must also be credible in order for the information to be considered credible. Research methodology is the process by which the information or data is gathered for a particular subject. This paper will discuss the methodology used to gather the resources and information which is used to substantiate the claims concerning the research question. The methodology regarding research is important because in order to gather sufficient information you must know how and where to look. There is information everywhere you look on the internet. However not all of it is credible or sufficient. Knowing where to look and how to look is very important. This project will describe the process used to find information on the research question regarding whether juvenile delinquency is influenced by the parents. It will also discuss any issues that may arise during research including limitations, reliability and validity. With any research paper it is important to identify who, what, where, when and how. These questions are always a good place to start and will help create a lot of momentum during research. They also provide a good outline of the information that is needed for the research. It is also important to discover whether a qualitative or quantitative approach is best or a mix of the two. There are many ways to gather information, however it depends on the research question as to which method is the best. For this particular research question, I will be studying juveniles and their parents. This sample of people will give the best information related to the topic. Samples represent a larger portion of the population (Maxfield Babbie pg. 133). In this sample we are studying a small amount of juveniles and their parents. The purpose of the research is to find a link between juvenile behavior and parental behavior. Does a parents behavior influence the juveniles behavior? How much bad behavior from a parent does it take to push a juvenile into delinquency? Do juveniles always follow their parents example? There have been many studies conducted on the research question and many panels of parents and children that have been observed. I will take a look at the parents and observe their every day behaviors to see if they compare with those of the child. Children grow and learn based on the examples they have a round them. They are taught by all those they come in contact with. If they are with their parents the majority of the time, then their biggest influence and example would be that of their parents. It is also important to note that if the parents are absent, then the childs biggest influence may be an older sibling or close friend. The absence of a parent can also affect a child. This is another area that will be looked into and researched. There can be so many possibilities that influence a juvenile. Using research to identify these possibilities is important to understanding how to correct the issues. Studying will take place during the evenings mostly. It will be important to have quietness in order to maintain focus while studying. Interruptions can cause discrepancies if focus is lost. There are many locations that research and studying can take place. I will choose to conduct my research from home. This is the best location that I can work from and the most comfortable, which is a huge benefit. Studying in an uncomfortable place or atmosphere is not healthy for your research. Another location I may go study at, is the local library. The library is quiet and has research material both online and in books. The location and time is very key when conducting research. Conducting research too late when the brain is tired can affect the quality of research as well as concentration. Studying in an area that is filled with distractions can lead to poor research quality and cause delays in time. There are several different ways to collect data that can be used in research. Surveys, field research and secondary data are some of the primary means. The first two can take a lot of time to conduct. Surveys are good for exploratory, applied and descriptive research (Maxfield Babbie pg. 161). They are good for studies on individual people (Maxfield Babbie pg. 161). The third can also take a lot of time, but it is also the fastest of the three listed. Secondary data is data that has already been collected by other researchers (Maxfield Babbie pg. 234). This is the way I will collect most of my data. There have been many studies and research papers conducted on juvenile delinquency and I believe I can gather enough credible secondary data to complete my research. It would be impossible to conduct field research in the area I live because it is such a small town. Field research would a lso take and extended period of time. Field research however, would be a great way to discover information related to the research question. Surveys would also take and extended period of time and may not be as credible as I would like. Surveys can lead to inconclusive answers because of the answers given. Not many parents will admit to living a lifestyle that caused their child to become delinquent. I believe secondary data will be the best way to gather information for this particular question. There are years of data and studies that have been conducted on panels of juveniles for several years. Information gathered from these studies will be credible and accurate. I will analyze information on the parents behaviors as well as the juveniles and compare them. In some cases I suspect the parents behavior will not be a factor in the childs behavior. We are all humans and do not always follow what would be considered the norm for us. Children are no different. There may be instance s where a juvenile is acting out against their parents guidance or rules. There are many other factors that can lead to delinquency besides parental behavior. This research will be based on the link between parental behavior and juvenile behavior. It is expected that even though some children are raised in good homes, they rebel against strict parents. This type of delinquency may be caused from peer pressure or other outside pressures. It is also expected that some children will make a decision to stay out of trouble even though their parents are always in trouble. There should not be any complications to the research. Limitations will be based on the ages of the juveniles studied. The research will be based on how juveniles progress from an early age. Those already in their late teens will not give as good of information as those who can be followed for a period of time. The variables of the sample will include the ages of the children and the specifics of their backgrounds. Th e other variables include the background of the parents, the living conditions of the children and other factors that influence the child. Some are raised in homes surrounded by drugs, alcohol and illegal behaviors while others are surrounded by good homes without the influence of anything illegal. There are many outside factors that also influence delinquent behavior, however I hope to separate these factors from the parental factors. The ages of the juveniles will be discussed and the way the influences affect them as they age. Influences affect us differently as we age, which is why it is good to use secondary data that covers a panel of subjects for a few years. In conclusion research methodology is very important. It is important to understand how you are going to gather the information you need for your research. It is also important to be able to gather information that is relative to your topic and that will be credible. There is so much information out there that is not credible nor is it useful for important research. When conducting research on topics or questions such as juvenile delinquency, it is important to have both credible an useful information. It is an important subject that needs to be studied and understood. Aside from the actual information in the paper it is important to know what the limitations are and what variables will come in to play during the research. Knowing how to collect data and the different methods is important as well. Surveys and field research are both very good methods to discovering the data, but can be extremely time consuming. Secondary data is data that has already been gathered and can be used again. This data can be taken and analyzed for the specific topic you are researching. As noted earlier in this paper it is very important to know who you are studying and why. You must know and understand the variables of the subjects, such as age and location. References Maxfield, Michael G. Babbie, Earl R 2012 Basics of Research Methods (2012) (Chp. 7 pg 161 and Chp. 9 pgs. 234-237) Wadsworth, Cengage Learning Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Research for juveniles and their parents" essay for you Create order

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